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Bioethanol Production

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Our Project

Increase production efficiency by optimizing systems as well as reducing energy consumption (Decomposition of lignocellulos)

Sasit’ Innovation

Innovation here means improving the quality and efficiency of current systems, by changing the direction, stages, and conditions of processes. The purpose of making innovative changes is to improve production levels and economic conditions of lignocellulosic bioethanol and the main focus is on achieving industrial scale. These innovative changes have been applied to the pre-treatment, hydrolysis, and distillation stages.

The advent of second-generation ethanol is expected to bring about a revolution in the industry. The feedstocks used for production are cane trash, rice & wheat straw, corn cobs, cotton stalk, empty fruit bunches, and bagasse. With growing concerns regarding sustainability and tackling organic waste production of second-generation ethanol is expected to gain widespread acceptance. Although a large number of manufacturers have successfully run pilot experiments, there are still concerns surrounding the extraction of useful sugars that are locked in by lignin, cellulose, and hemicellulose in biomass and woody feedstock.


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