Material Science

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Our R&D unit is made up of experts in the fields of Chemistry, Polymer, Physics, Materials, Mechanic, and Nanotechnology. We intend to work on projects such as light weight, durable, eco-efficient concrete. Also, it has properties such as corrosion resistance, equal or higher compressive and tensile strengths, higher fire resistance, and rapid curing than ordinary concrete.

Our Project

There have been several advances in new concrete technology in the past ten years. There have been advancements made in almost all areas of concrete production including materials, recycling, mixture proportioning, durability, and environmental quality. The aim of this project is to reinforce concrete with carbon fiber to enhance strength and durability. A big advantage of carbon is that it does not oxidize. Adding carbon to concrete increase its loadbearing capacity by five or six times compared to traditional steel- reinforced concrete, is four times lighter, and has a significantly longer life service.

Sasit’ Innovation

Heuristic algorithm, optimization of topology, high performance concrete with carbon fiber and 3D printing due to use of high performance with carbon fiber, the strength is greater than 40MPa and problem of creep, shear, and modulus ratio of concrete to steel has been solved.


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