Hydrogen (H2) Storage

Revolutionary Solid-State Hydrogen Storage Materials for High-Efficiency and Sustainable Hydrogen Storage

Hydrogen is the ultimate fuel of our dreams. It is not only clean but also highly versatile and energy-efficient. However, to establish a hydrogen-based economy, it is crucial to develop efficient technologies for hydrogen production, utilization and storage. One of the major challenges lies in storing hydrogen at reasonable energy densities, given its low density. The storage of hydrogen in a secure and cost-effective manner remains the biggest hurdle to overcome. Traditional methods such as compressed and liquefied hydrogen come with exorbitant maintenance costs and fail to meet the requirements of diverse applications.

The Quest for Optimal Hydrogen Storage Materials

Therefore, it is imperative to explore materials that can store hydrogen at concentrated levels while being affordable, sustainable, and efficient at ambient conditions. Researchers worldwide are actively developing such materials, but existing adsorbent materials exhibit low efficiency at room temperature and pressure, are prohibitively expensive, and lack sustainability. In line with these efforts, our R&D team at Sasit Lab has focused on designing and synthesizing materials with hydrogen storage capabilities. Our approach involves producing multi-component composites composed of different materials, utilizing the properties of each in the final composite. 

To this end, we leverage the properties of materials such as MOFs, graphene, metals and so on for our specific goal.


Our Innovative Approach and Breakthroughs: 

We are dedicated to offering innovative solutions that tackle these limitations by utilizing more affordable materials and simpler synthesis methods. This approach not only reduces overall costs but also enhances efficiency under ambient conditions, promoting eco-friendly hydrogen storage. Our groundbreaking solid-state hydrogen storage material shows great potential, not only for storing hydrogen but also as a highly effective adsorbent for capturing carbon dioxide, air pollutant particles, and commonly used agents in water and wastewater treatment.

Join us in the pursuit of a sustainable future with efficient hydrogen storage solutions.


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